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Although OpenCV is a powerful tool which can be used to develop complex computer vision applications, the documentation of OpenCV is not enough for a newbie to learn OpenCV by himself/herself. And there are few tutorials can be found on OpenCV for beginners in the internet.  Therefore, I decided to prepare this tutorial from the very basic concepts of image processing and computer vision using basic inbuilt OpenCV functions. I have tested all given source code in this tute with openCV 2.4.5 and Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012.

Here is the entire list of lessons


  1. very informative ,keep up the good work :)

  2. waw it's very usefull for newbe like me...
    nice tutorial bro...
    keep share!!
    i wanna request tutorial face recognation with simple algorithm...

  3. Thanks a lot! It really help me!

  4. I install vs 2010 express edition and opencv 2.4.5 and configure vs 2010 with your steps but it still error it does not give any header file when i write '#include it give me some error.

    please help me to fix this problem

  5. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for your tutorial. It indeed helped me a lot in understanding the basics. For my own work I need to use pattern matching (using templates), straight edge detection, circle detection, ellipse detection etc and I do them using a commercial computer vision library. I am interested in doing all these stuff using opencv. Can you please highlight any book or website or some tutorial of your own covering this?

    Waiting to hear from you soon.


  6. Thanks a lot! It really help me!

  7. hi i wanna tutorial for face recognition using open cv

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  11. can someone help me in background removal in an image pls...

    1. #include //for background subtractor models

      bfilter(matFrameIn, matForeground, learningRate); //extract the foreground

  12. Thank you very much....

  13. Hi : Thank you for your post regarding visual basic, I try and working fine.. Thanks

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